Bacon world!

Bacon ipsum dolor amet swine jerky ham hock cow. Chicken beef ribs t-bone pork chop turkey ground round sausage prosciutto kielbasa pork belly brisket shankle tail pork jowl. Pig doner strip steak boudin frankfurter cow, tri-tip sirloin. Pork chop pancetta bacon meatball. Flank biltong bresaola, fatback chicken leberkas turkey porchetta tongue.

Turducken pancetta ball tip hamburger pig pork chop. Boudin kevin tail shoulder, chuck bresaola strip steak tenderloin hamburger turkey. Spare ribs cow shoulder fatback beef landjaeger ham. T-bone short loin hamburger turducken pork belly prosciutto swine.

I really don't think turkey belongs here, some may disagree, and I concur it's a bit controversial

Landjaeger short loin fatback cupim. Kielbasa jerky shank shankle boudin leberkas biltong. Turducken porchetta corned beef, picanha shankle andouille leberkas pig kielbasa pancetta. Landjaeger bresaola andouille, shoulder ball tip pancetta chicken jowl swine fatback doner tenderloin. Doner venison porchetta meatloaf bacon beef ribs cow picanha chicken sirloin.

Authors note from Tom

After months of research, bacon grew close to my heart (and clogged it a bit). Now I'm the worlds most knowledgeable bacon expert and hold multiple certificates in the field of Baconology, so I'm damn qualified to write this post. Btw, trust me.

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